On February 10th, 2014, Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) announced that the company is establishing Business Innovation Centers (BICs) in major regions around the world to develop new businesses responding to regional customer needs and markets.
As the core engine of growth for Konica Minolta, the BICs’ mission is to gain a deeper understanding of customers’ needs and deliver the greatest value to the world.
The BICs are the team passionately working in the entire lifecycle of new business development from ideation to actual business.
Since establishment, the BICs have been closely collaborating with a diverse range of entities, such as academic institutes, research institutes, partner companies, and startups. The outcomes of collaboration become the co-innovations for customers and BICs. Each BIC strongly believes that open and collaborative innovation will brighten up our future daily life and workplace.


Business Innovation Center was established in major regions around the world as the core engine of growth for Konica Minolta.

BIC-Asia Pacific

Located in Singapore, Australia


Located in Austria, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Bulgaria


Located in Tokyo, Japan

BIC-United States

Located in Silicon Valley, U.S


To bring meaning to today’s business and achieve new heights for tomorrow’s business together with customers, BIC uses its own unique approach.

In the heart of market

BIC always holds customer-centric as its core differentiator and try best to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs to develop new products and services

Open innovation

BIC is always seeking new opportunities outside Konica Minolta. Through close collaboration with various entities, including academics, research institutions, governments and etc. BIC is aiming to deliver purpose and realize a win-win future for all its partners.

Strong portfolio

BIC uses a distinctive portfolio based on the understanding of how the market shifts and drives change in different customers’ needs and aspirations.

Methodology & Framework

BIC’s principle is “3S” and always acts initiatively to discover new needs in the market, define customer values, expand business scales so that “3S” can be achieved.