Business Domain

Smart Workplace

  • Intelligence workflow
  • Productivity

Wellness, Quality Care

  • Advanced health monitoring
  • Value Base Care

Life Science

  • Body’s Internal / external environment

Innovative Projects

BIC creates customer-centric solutions, combining cutting-edge technologies in different areas, generating new value and a positive impact on society.

01 AIRe Link

AIRe Link is an easy-to-use solution for remote assistance, making it an impactful way of managing remote support for maintenance and repair. It connects professionals and enables knowledge sharing that ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction and rapid issue resolution.


KOTOBAL provides multilingual interpretation services that can handle foreigners smoothly, mainly for government offices, local governments, banks.

03 Kunkun dental

Kunkun dental is a tool to help dentists treat periodontal disease by measuring the concentration of volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) in the oral cavity. It is the first device in the world's dental field to utilize both AI and sensors for measurement.


Provide various services such as reception support services, interpretation services, payment support services for Medical institution which is necessary to examine foreign country people.

BIC-Asia Pacific
05 Service Robotics

A service robotic solution using autonomous mobile robots (AMR) to reduce manpower costs by automating back-of-house transportation and improve productivity by freeing up workers for higher value-added roles.

BIC-Asia Pacific
06 sLatch

sLatch LM200 is a unique modular latching solution which operates in tandem with MiR100 and MiR200. It is designed to automate internal transportation and logistics tasks in industries such as hospitals, food manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. sLatch LM200 allows your autonomous mobile robots (AMR) to transport high payloads easily through narrow aisles and corridors without human intervention.

BIC-United States
07 Value-based Care

The next generation end-to-end, value-based healthcare platform from Konica Minolta transforms structured and unstructured patient data into real-time insights, maximizing population health, patient engagement and quality/cost improvement initiatives.