Business Domain

Smart Workplace

  • Intelligence workflow
  • Productivity

Wellness, Quality Care

  • Advanced health monitoring
  • Value Base Care

Life Science

  • Body’s Internal / external environment

Innovative Projects

BIC creates customer-centric solutions, combining cutting-edge technologies in different areas, generating new value and a positive impact on society.

01 genARate

Bring print to life with genARate! genARate is an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) platform that transforms your existing 2D content into exciting, interactive experiences that enhance engagement with your brand, product or service.

02 Kunkun body

Provide smell information for customers by using small smell sensor and smartphone application. In addition to this service, provide Web media for smell.


Provide various services such as reception support services, interpretation services, payment support services for Medical institution which is necessary to examine foreign country people.

BIC-Asia Pacific
04 Service Robotics

A service robotic solution using autonomous intelligent vehicles (AIV) to reduce manpower costs by automating back-of-house transportation and improve productivity by freeing up workers for higher value-added roles.

BIC-United States
05 Value-based Care

The next generation end-to-end, value-based healthcare platform from Konica Minolta transforms structured and unstructured patient data into real-time insights, maximizing population health, patient engagement and quality/cost improvement initiatives.

BIC-Asia Pacific
06 WoundAide

WoundAide, is a digital handheld wound measurement solution that allows efficient wound monitoring and documentation. Providing an accurate and consistent wound assessment which includes photos and 3D measurements of depth, length, width, surface area and volume of the wound.